Friday, March 09, 2007

The Amabile Bach Ensemble

The Amabile Bach Ensemble provided a wonderful evening of music by JS Bach for the Chamber Music at The Playhouse series on Thurday evening, March 8. The Founder's Room of The Players Playhouse turned out to be a perfect fit for this music.

Susan Clark Joul started us off and wowed the audience with the cello solo
Suite No. 1 in G Major (BWV 1007).

Not to be outdone, the foursome consisting of Catherine Sherwin (flute), Sonia Lee (violin), Ms. Joul (cello) and Angelina Pashmakova (harpsichord) completed the Trio Sonata IV in c minor, from the Musical Offering (BWV 1079) absolutely flawlessly.

Then, after lovely refreshments provided by the Fine Arts ladies, Ms. Joul's wonderful voice led the way through the cantata "Weichet nur, betrubte Schatten," (BWV 202). The accompaniment of the mini-orchestra consisting of Ms. Lee and Michael J. McGillivray on violins, Lynne Marie Flegg on oboe, Constance Marckwick on viola, Eugene Zenzen on cello, Ms. Pashmakova on harpsichord and Dale Anderson on double bass was something to both see and hear. The balance between musicians allowed us to hear every note from every instrument. Fabulous!!!

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