Sunday, December 02, 2007

The Great Lakes Consort Baroque Ensemble

Lynne Marie Flegg (Oboe), Kristin Reynolds (Oboe), Mark Flegg (Trumpet), Nadine Deleury (Cello) and Angelina Pashmakova (Harpsichord) are congradulated and thanked for bringing their wonderful musical talents to The Playhouse and for taking us on a delightful European Holiday in the Baroque era.

Their music and oral presentations titillated our senses and put us into seventeenth century Europe. We learned much about the instruments, the music and the composers of the era, including Albinoni (Concerto a Cingue Opus 9, No. 9), Daquin (Le Coucou), Geminiani (Sonata in e minor), Purcell (Sonata in D Major), Scarlatti (Sonatas in C Major and d minor), Loeillet de Gant (Sonata in e minor), Telemann (Concerto in D Major) and, of course, J.S. Bach (Prelude from Suite No. 2 in d minor).
Our second season of Chamber Music at The Playhouse continues in wonderful fashion.

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