Saturday, February 20, 2010

Directors' Cuts

Our mid-winter production included a series of scenes from two plays: All in the Timing by David Ives and Exhibit This by Luigi Jannuzzi.
Directed by George Abud and Steve Shrader, produced by Laurie Striebel and Lee Peters, with costumes by Heidi Denler, Norma Eschenburg, Shirl Williams and Gina Telford.

Photos by Marianne Shrader
The cast included Charly Davis, Karen Quarnstrom, Bunny Platt, Geno Pirrami, John Denler, Kate Connolly, Julie Brock*, Joseph Gehart*, James Abud*, Ashley Shamoon* and Nancy Radke.
*Guest performers

The Adventure Club Cello Quartet

We were again thrilled to have the ACCQ back, especially with cellist Deborah Shuster travelling from her new home in Oakland California to join with cellists Naomi and David Levine and Irina Tikhonova for one more evening of fun and beautiful music.

Their presentation, unique arrangements and musical skills combined to provide a wonderful mid-winter evening at The Players Playhouse. They never fail to surprise us with an array of music not normally heard from a group of cellos.

We look forward to a return engagement.

Photos by Marianne Shrader.