Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Detroit Reed Collective

Thursday, March 13 was another fun evening of Chamber Music at The Playhouse. Mark Berger, Mark Kieme, Paul Onachuk and Pete Kahn, through their musical program The American Saxophone, gave us a delightful history of the saxophone in this country from the turn-of-the-century (with pieces by Klickmann, Henlere and Grieg) to the present (highlighted by a composition by Mark Kieme that was described by Pete Kahn as making him think of three mosquitoes and a rhinoceros). The harmonies created by the four saxophones in the various musical pieces were marvelous.
As we have come to expect, the fun that the musicians had playing carried over to the audience, with everyone enjoying the evening immensely.
Thanks again to The Detroit Reed Collective.

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