Saturday, June 04, 2011


The winter meeting of The Society included a production of the hilarious comedy RED HOT Mamas by David W. Christner. Directed by Bill McCarthy and produced by the team of Norma Eschenburg and Shirl Williams, the cast kept FASD members and guests laughing throughout the evening.

The newly empty-nestered couple of Dan Casey and Abby Adams, played by Charly Davis and Amy Kuta, find their lives turned upside down when their respective mothers, move into their home.

Abby's mother Sarah Casey, played by Laurie Striebel, is a proper lady with a big problem.

Dan's mother Claudia Adams, played by D.J. Haska, is a free spirit wishing to live her life to the fullest.

Peter Mason, played by Steve Shrader, comes to visit and reveals Sarah's problem as her AA sponsor.

Two of Claudia's gentlemen friends, Stan Walker played by Geno Pirrami and Russ Neary played by John Diebel, complicate things further by visiting at the same time.

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