Monday, April 02, 2007

The Absence of a Cello

Director John Diebel and Producer Norma Eschenberg gave Fine Arts audiences a wonderful weekend with this poignant comedy by Ira Wallach.
Andrew Pilgrim (Rob Green), a world-renowned physicist needing money, decides to turn to the corporate world.
He accepts help from Perry Littlewood (Charles Davis) in fitting the 'corporate mold'.
While sister Marian Jellicoe (Sue Owens), wife Celia (Laurie Striebel) and nosy neighbor Emma Littlewood (Karen Quarnstrom) look on, Andrew endures the first awkward meeting with the corporate rep Otis Clifton (Rick Christenhusz).
As it turns out, Marian and Otis get a thing going,
while daughter Joanna (Sharron Nelson) and Perry do the same.

Of course, Andrew has to carefully evaluate every question before deciding his future,

And after a loooong night out by Marian,
and Perry trying his hardest to be helpful,

Andrew finally says 'FORGET IT!!'

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